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Calling All Perfectionists Who Constantly Sabotage Their Weight Loss Goals...

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Does any of this sound familiar?

You feel like you’re doing all the “right” things but you just can’t seem to lose those 10-30lbs?

You're so freaking tired of seeing the scale slowly drop down each week only for it to pop back up every weekend?

It seems like everyone else somehow found the perfect balance while you’re stuck either restricting or gaining weight?

Guess what? There's another way

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Hi, I’m Brooks.

A certified personal trainer, nutrition & mindset certified coach who used to be just like you.

I was perfect with my fitness goals all week…and then the weekend hit and I started downing chips/gauc/margs & late night pizza like they were going out of style.


I was constantly throwing in the towel and starting over on Monday but I was also confused as to why I wasn’t losing weight. I lost & regained the same 10-15lbs 10+ times before I found a method that stuck.


I’ve been here before.

I want to help you get out of this cycle and FINALLY feel confident & comfortable in all your clothes without giving up your favorite foods & drinks.

Enter: Crush Your Consistency

My new group coaching program is designed specifically for women like YOU who can’t seem to stay consistent no matter how much you want to. I’ll help you break out of the restrict & binge cycle so that you can FINALLY enjoy your weekends…while also losing weight & becoming your most confident self.

This is for you if:

  • You’re sick of starting over every Monday

  • You know you need to be more consistent to lose weight but you’re not sure how

  • You’re tired of dieting ALL the time but never seeing the scale move

  • You feel like none of your friends & family “get it” but you need support

Working towards your fitness goals can feel isolating. Especially when it seems like no one around cares as much as you do. What if you were in a community of women all experiencing the same struggles, supporting your wins, and holding you accountable in those moments you really needed it?

Over the course of 8 weeks you'll:

-Learn the nutrition & exercise strategy you need to lose weight while still enjoying your favorite foods


-Work through the mindsets that have been holding you back so you can finally be consistent and see the scale move...and keep moving ;)


-Have access to a FB community who will hold you accountable when you need it most


-Attend bi-weekly group coaching calls with me to answer all your questions so you can feel confident that what you’re doing is working…no more second guessing yourself


-Custom nutrition guidance on how many calories & how much protein to eat - Valued at $600


-Self led video modules that go in depth on nutrition, exercise, mindset, consistency & maintaining all of it for life - Valued at $900


-Bi-Weekly live group coaching calls with me - Valued at $700


-An 8 week workout program with exercise video tutorials. 3 & 4 day a week options. Ability to modify for the gym or home. - Valued at $475


-24/7 access to a private FB community to ask questions & hold you accountable - Valued at $900


-Bonus videos on topics you may be struggling with most - Valued at $300




-Meal planning worksheets, recipe guides & more 

To recap you'll get:

You'll get nearly $4000 in value for just $347
Less than $200/month

If you’re done second guessing if what you’re doing is working. If you’re tired of feeling like you’ll just never lose the weight. If you’re ready to wear the shorts and feel confident in them. If you’re ready to finally push past the plateau on the scale…let’s do it. That perfect time you’re waiting for isn’t coming.


Instead, take action now and by Thanksgiving you could already be ready to enjoy your first Holiday season without guilt.


This is the LAST round of CYC in 2023. Enrollment closes on 9/29 & the program starts on 10/2. Are you in?

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